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  FLYING W ALPACAS is having a retirement sale. We are selling the herd and "everything" alpaca. See Alpacas for Sale for more information.

This is Marina our ranch public relations alpaca. She is wonderful with children and loves to be handled. She is very curious and gentle.

We are serious about selling alpacas. Please check out our listings. Make an offer on any alpaca you are interested in and let's make a deal. We will make up packages based on your interests and work out a price that is fair to both of us.

What's Happening


Featured Alpaca for Sale: Flying W's Misha

Misha placed first and was Color Champion at Alpacamania 2009. She took first place and Color Champion at the 2010 AFCNA Continental Fleece Show.

Misha is priced to sell as we are retirng--WHAT A D...

Featured Stud: Flying W's Alexander

Check this boy out!!! Alex has an awesome presence in the pasture. He is getting up there in age, however, he continues to have great fiber stats for his age. He is maintaining his fineness at 14 ye...

What Is An Alpaca?

Alpacas are…
  • Small and easy to maintain
  • Fiber producing animals who are timid and shy, yet alert and curious.
  • Livestock eligible for tax advantages
  • Bred for investment potential, fiber and breeding stock.
  • Raised on small acreages. You can graze 4-8 per acre. They do not challenge fences.
  • Their valuable fiber comes in 22 natural colors.

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